dear complaint department,

i hope you're well. i agree that i am a bad editor. however, 
it's polite to read the instructions. on the submissions page, i clearly state that:
"the editor doesn’t have time for feedback, critiquing work, etc."
and it's my bad because that "etc." includes, rejection emails.i don't have time for rejection emails because they're bullshit.they're not nice. they're not helpful. if i decided to simply say "no". i'm not helping anyone.if i decided to say more than "no", i would be giving some type of "feedback"and i don't have time for that. sorry but i just don't. 
i get too many emails and have other things to do with this life.if i decided to say more than "no", it would be bullshit.it would be subjective. "sorry, this is not a good fit". has anyone ever gotten a rejection email that has made them feel good?
not me. if you have, please share in the comment section. 

"your poem is cool but we're looking for something else".

if you try to make me feel bad by saying things like "ana c! please reply to me! it's rude to ignore!" (this, unfortunately, has happened in the past),
you're not going to succeed. i'm not going to all of a sudden change my mind because you're telling me i'm rude. it's true. i can be a bitch. i don't care if you call me names. i'm stubborn. 
freedom of speech is cool, right? 

i'm not here to be friends. i'm not here to please you. i'm here to sometimes publish things that you can like or hate or whatever. i'm here to do whatever i want. just like you.  

i am a bad editor but sometimes i share good things and disagree with this:

"So I guess if you don’t know her personally your submission won’t even be read, much less published."

i have no idea who a lot of the people i publish are. frequently, i publish people and never talk to them again. so no, i don't know people personally. i don't have their number. we don't text emojis to each other.

i have made some friends through this. we did or didn't know each other and now we're friends.
i'm sorry we live in a world were we interact and sometimes friendship happens.
i have published people i dislike on social media but if i like their writing, i publish it.

things i reject:
racist poems (i get them)
sexist poems (i also get them)
poems i don't like (sorry, this is subjective but life is too)

I'M A BAD EDITOR: there's plenty of good poems in my inbox, i know. but because i've taken breaks and because grad school happened and because many deaths happened, i have no idea if some of those poems are still available. and to me, it seems ridiculous to reply "hey is this still available" after x months have gone by. and whenever i did, they weren't. who is going to wait for me? we need to move on.

i recently started nwv in spanish and definitely have no idea who the majority of these writers are. i'm rejected by spanish speaking writers for the most part, so you're incorrect but i can see how you can misinterpret things. (re "So I guess if you don’t know her personally your submission won’t even be read, much less published.")

ultimately, i don't owe anyone any explanations/excuses and probably no one cares but i felt sad that someone would think i just publish people i know. i would be very popular if i knew more than the 300 artists i've published in the past. my high school dream, come true.

"NWV had a reputation of discovering new writers but now they just seem to publish the well established ones." 
i like that i'm more than one person in the review. i'm "they". but my name is part of the title and that means just one ana. if i was more than one, none of this would've happened. just kidding. it would've because i don't believe in rejection emails. do you have any idea how many people don't reply to job applications? i do. 




p.s. sorry i'm a bad editor.


Anonymous said...

I like you and your writing a lot, so this criticism is coming from an honest place.

I ran a much smaller journal two years ago. And yea it sucks to write rejections but it is your responsibility to do so. It shows a certain level of respect to the people who submit to you.

I never had anyone respond badly to a rejection. Many sent emails back in appreciation for the smallest comment I made. Many sent appreciative emails in response to simple rejection forms.

People who I rejected submitted again. A lot of times I published them on the second submission.

If you don't respond to a submission, we don't know if you've read it. We don't know if we can submit again. We might really want to publish with you and hold off submitting anywhere else just in case you will still respond. Why make us wait a month when you might have already decided four weeks ago that you weren't gonna publish it.

If your life suddenly got busy or you had too many submissions than you could handle, close submissions.

idk where you get the impression that people hate you. You are the one with the power here. You are the one with popular support behind you. You are not the underdog here.

You really don't have to do much beyond, "Thanks for sending this. But I will not be publishing this piece." And maybe if you saw some pontential say "I hope you submit again to New Wave Vomit in the future."

José María Martínez said...

No te preocupes por nada. Don't you worry about a thing. Don't waste your time on wanna-be poets' complaints and resentments.

ana c. said...

would like it if you weren't anonymous but
thank you for elaborating and for your advice.

in the past, i did send rejection emails.
this is what has happened:
people ask why
or i publish 3 out of 4 poems and get this type of email: "thank you for publishing xxxx. can you tell me why you didn't publish yyyy?"
i honestly don't have time for that.
i don't know if you've encountered these situations.
i've also gotten emails where people joke and send flirty poems about me as submissions. there's many trolls out there and i understand that because my zine is more casual than others, some people think it's okay to do/say certain things.
i do what i can on my own and publish in irregular cycles and everyone knows.
my zine is a woman with irregular cycles but i guess i need to be more explicit about things. i'll definitely take your suggestions into consideration.
sorry and thanks.

Anonymous said...

Ana, your too nice. People requesting what others do with projects that are of their own free will and time is just basic and stupid. People need to work full time at a job, then write, then manage a distribution outlet for all the folks who depend on such things to spread their message. You are too nice if you apologize to people who demand acknowledgement. I am sorry motherfucker, but just because you wrote a poem and submitted it somewhere does not mean you deserve the time of day from the editor or anyone else. I believe that life teaches one such things. If you haven't learned that from life yet you should learn it here, and if you would rather complain about not hearing from someone than continue to work on your own poems you are not trill. It is as simple as that. Look in the mirror. Ask yourself are you trill. If the answer is no then you are not actually writing poems, you are writing algebra equations to the missing pieces of your mental agenda. Simple as a pimple, bitch. If you ask someone out and they say nothing what does that mean to you? It should mean no. Same thing here. If you are waiting for a no that never comes, you are just out of your league. You may be able to make a website to complain about not making it or being accepted. But you will never write a poem to break through to the radiance of catharsis. Bottom line. Fuck off. Bassic ass bitch.

Anonymous said...

anonymous here again. i wasnt the person who wrote the review. i was just adding my two cents on rejection letters. it's a vulnerable postion to be a submitter. it's just a respect thing. yea it's people looking for validation but people know things things are subjective. they know they aren't great writers. people know they need to improve. just saying that people are not working hard enough or arent cool enough seems fucked up and elitest. people can take rejection. it just has to be done with some respect.

and if they are rude or ask for too much after that then yea it's ok not to respond.