List of text drafts that I thought I lost forever but then I got back but then I felt like “these drafts are super dumb” but whatever I decided to write about each draft anyway (or something)

“Hyper sex you all”

Do you hate me?

“Contact lenses that work like video cameras. If someone invents those I’m going to buy that I don’t care about the price. I need that. Thanks future inventor. I want to marry you so I can get them for free.”


“Some girl just said ‘I need to change all these things to be wife worthy’”

I was in school when I heard that and I felt really sad. I don’t think I saw the girl’s face. I just overheard that and felt angry and wanted to tell her ‘you don’t need to do anything, girl.’

“I don’t tune out unimportant things because nothing is unimportant.”


“I feel like I can’t breathe”

This happens a lot but it’s okay.

“Hmmmm how much?”

lol wtf

“Just thought ‘ ”

I thought something and then I didn’t type it. I was probably driving and texting was unsafe or maybe I got a new text and forgot. Most likely, I was driving. I’m not that popular. Not a lot of people text me.

“¿alguien se puede parar en mi espalda? (es pregunta y albur)”

That means ‘can someone stand on my back’ but it has double meaning in Spanish. It also means something like ‘can someone get a boner on my back?’. In parenthesis, I tell everyone this is a question and something dirty. How do you say ‘albur’ in English? I forgot.

“feminasty and feminazi”

Thought that was funny (because I’m dumb).

“just thought ‘rt this and win a bj’ idk why I thought that I’m jk”

Lol. I’ve thought about tweeting that (or something like that) a lot of times. Glad I’ve never done that. Seems dumb and sad.


DJ Berndt said...

"win a bj"


sarah san said...


Bathwater said...

Good thing your phone knows when to stop your text.

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