Teen Sorcery (1999) [quotes n notes]

'so suburban' 'and this is supposed to excite me.'

the girl looks like the swap meet version of melissa joan heart.
the other girl looks like the swap meet version of the pocahontas version of christina ricci and there's fire in her eyes.

'we can hang out at my house i have a cool cd collection.'

lol his name is 'michael charming.'

'sometimes i wish you weren't such a damn brainiac mary!'

‘powers of dark powers of light fill within me strengthen my might.’

‘wicca. it’s the religion that witches practice.’

'are you asking me out? i'm flattered but i don't think so. i'm a really bad dancer.'

'find anything?' 'no just some stupid potions.'

the librarian is the keeper of the stone.
oh but 'she must guard it now.'
‘you must guard it now. guard it with your life.’

‘great now everyone at school is going to think we’ve gone goth.’

‘jeez you got like schwarzenegger grip.’

‘so wait we’re like the good witches? how un-fun is that.’

the good witch and her nerdy friends wear sunglasses and the evil witch and her friends don't. the evil witch eats popcorn.
the evil witch disappeared the nerds' lunch and the good witch gave them pizza.
the evil witch looks like the swap meet version of posh spice.

lol now i know why i found this while searching ‘sleeping beauty.’

‘brave and gallant? have you checked out the guys in this town?’
‘conjure one up.’

‘so uh do you wanna play frisbee?’

lol they need to turn michael charming into a prince and they turned him into Prince.

portal to a parallel universe.

‘who believes this? my whole dungeons and dragons club.’

jump into the locker.

shit just got groovy.

evil teen witch is trapped in nerdy high school.

everyone gets hot dates.

'who needs leonardo dicaprio?'



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╔═══╗ ♪
║███║ ♫
║ (●) ♫

╔═══╗ ♪
║███║ ♫
║ (●) ♫

╔═══╗ ♪
║███║ ♫
║ (●) ♫

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