the bros at the inspection booth (at the border) have done it again

spanish? you speak spanish already
why don't you study spanish in mexico?

because it's different
i can't can study wherever the fuck i want

i cancan

watch me

i am angry and everything sucks when i am angry

study arabic that's where the money's at

who says i want money lol

study arabic my wife knows arabic and she's the boss
of all arabic things in san diego

i am thinking 'terrorism' in quotes and i feel suspicious

he insists

he wants me to learn so i can join 'the fight'

study arabic i know what i'm talking about

um no

are going to be rich
like my wife

um okay have a nice day


gamefaced said...

customs blows.

☄Russ☁ said...

cot damn

Joey Martin said...

"the fight"

Hemraj said...

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Jackson Nieuwland said...

keen to see you cancan

Brian McElmurry said...

I used to live in SD, in OB and then Normal Heights. I worked in Hillcrest. I miss it. My friend Rudy's family lived in TJ and his gf lived in SD.I lived a few blocks from Adam's ave. with all the used bookstores, but when I went back last year a lot of them had closed. Just saying. felt affinity with yr place on earth. I'm weird I guess.