Luna Miguel interviewed me. You can use google translate but google translate sucks :(
Buy Luna's books. I can teach you Spanish.
Michael Inscoe made a teaser trailer about make-believe love-making.
Mike Bushnell is a party so he made a list of "Online Literary Power 25." I'm number 11.
Ben Rosamond raps and gives shout outs.
Who publishes e-books? Who isn't a hater?
I'm going to print the second edition of make-believe love-making this month. Hopefully.
I have a lot of homeless poems.
People are nice. People email me. I love emails. I love people.
You're my friend. We're friends. Can I touch you?
I got a 69 on my psych test. Just kidding. I got 60 something :(
Sometimes I think about emails a lot and can't concentrate and fail my exams.
write 'new wave vomit' on a white t-shirt, take a picture and email it to anikainpink at gmail dot com
Jordan Castro is my friend.


Miguel Rual said...

I've already sent you my shirt with "New Wave Vomit" written on it! Hope you like it!

stephen said...

hi ana =]

DJ Berndt said...

just printing out picture of you and hugging them.

Noah Cicero said...

"Creo que es un experimento. Es el deseo, la desesperación de que la gente"

Really liked that.

I could read about 75% of it but I tried.