interview and...

hello friends ♥
Greg Dybec interviewed me.

if you want a copy of "THIS IS CONTROVERSIAL" you can paypal me (anikainpink @ gmail . com) $10 USD [instead of $25 plus shipping] and i'll send you a copy.
i'm tired of having a box with copies in my room. unfortunately, this a US only sale because shipping elsewhere costs $15 USD so yeah.
oh also if you have a book and want to trade we can do that.
also, if you paypal me less than $10 USD can you review it/help me promote it.
also, i don't know. maybe don't send me less than $5 because i'm going to spend it all on shipping and that sucks.
also, if you want it for free you better have a good excuse.
i guess i'm really horrible at "promoting" books or i guess i'm super good at "not promoting."
i just don't want to be annoying, you know?

p.s. published lots of new new wave vomit. i created a twitter for nwv. so follow it please. thanks.


stephen said...


adam moorad said...

i will trade. yours for mine. email me your address senorita.

brittany wallace said...

i ordered it, peanut

thank you for this sale

nico castles said...

ur pic makes it look like ur two front teeth r for sale

fckn hott


Nick said...

are you certain sure the sale doesn't extend to england?
i think it's only fair considering you did write my surname name as 'lies' on the last package you sent.
i did quite enjoy it though because it's rare that post is honest to you.

ana c. said...

in THAT case, YES!!!
you can paypal me whatever you want
if you don't want to paypal me anything
that's okay too :)
just send me an email.
i'm sorry.

magick mike said...

do you still have these
five days after
i looked through one of these at the pop serial reading in chicago that you read at on skype
it was nice
i will paypal you $10 for one
i think i have that
i would like one
seems rad

ana c. said...

yes. thank you! yay :)

magick mike said...

what is yr paypal?
i think if i do it thru the buttons on the right i will have to pay $25, which would be nice but i don't have $25 right now :-/

am i misssssssing something

ana c. said...

oh haha

anikainpink @ gmail . com

The Real Tijuana said...

Have you tried selling your books through El Grafógrafo, in PRAD? René es muy chido. Also try the chilango Miguel Márquez, El Bazar de Libros, Niños Héroes #733 entre la 3ª y la 4ª. ¡Ánimo!