new wave vomit 128-147

happy holidays everybody!
you can enjoy
lots of vomit by:
zachary whalen
poncho peligroso
alex mussawir
jack faulkner
joe martin
rebecca raccoon
jordan pennington
nico castles
chris taylor
steve roggenbuck
stacey teague
michael frissore
greg dybec
ryan spooner
zoe tambling
nils norelius
luna miguel
cody troyan

lucas ruppel

in other news,
expect this e-book soon:


Kevin said...

oh hai there.

Parker Baldin said...

seems good

richardchiem said...

mad sweet mang

gamefaced said...

i am very excite.

Paul said...

good vomit as always

Radish King said...

as always.
Believing in you the whole way, Ana.


Giles Ruffer said...

Ana, I have been listening to an album called 'Un Soplo En El Corazon' by a Spanish band called Family. It made me think of you as I know you like 'Murmur of the Heart' too.