cunt me in

it's cold and my hands are breaking
you say i taste like cold
cold guava

if i ever sign a prenup i'll sign it
with crayons and blood

you kill my laughter with your tongue

you lick outside my heart
it feels like you're about to but
i'm just going crazy

let me

no first
let's spend a long time

how come i don't know
just because okay
cunt me in baby
cunt me in


neon glittery said...

crayons and blood. dark but bright. i like this

rollerfink said...

If you are ever in a sitcom you should make "cunt me in" your catch phrase. I mean crotch phrase. They will turn the laugh track to "uproarious and hearty laughter" every time you say it.

Jihad Punk 77 said...

that was a great piece. Love it


Roxi Xmas said...

i dig this