new wave vomit 102-107, etc.

hi. i thought i blogged about some of these but it looks like i didn't. i'm sorry. i'm a terrible person. okay here we go.
here's 102

tusk is really great. i like tusk very much. good job stephen o'toole.
also, prayerbook is super awesome. yay adam moorad.

yeah, you probably read everything already.

oh yeah my second book is ready i just need to go pick it up. i'll probably pick up some copies this tuesday. the name of the book is "this is controversial" and there's a pink penis on the cover. there's a pink penis and the penis is stylish and girly. my name is the semen that comes out of the girly penis. i mean, not really my name is next to the tip of the pink penis or something. haha. i'll post pictures soon.
i was going to say something else but i forgot. thanks for reading. ily.