new wave vomit (68&69&70&71) + other news

you guys really need to check these out:
no. 68
no. 69
no. 70
and no. 71

i know right?

in other news,
MEXICO WON! #fútbol

in other news,
amphibi.us published my chick-flick poems. click here.

in other news,
i'm gonna kick your nose with my index finger
but don't worry. i'm not strong.

thank you. you're babes <3


DJ Berndt said...

nice header!

rollerfink said...

love the chick flickers!

Jordan Castro said...


Anonymous said...

new header pic: awesome
chick flick poems: awesome
nwv: awesome

rollerfink said...

What's the 800 number for calling in our votes or can I text?

#70 (voting for Reynard Seifert to stay)