new wave vomit (52&53&54)

this happened yesterday at 11 am:
a man was walking on my roof and i wasn't home but my dad was.
this is the dialogue(sort of) (the real deal happened in spanish of course):

dad: what are you doing on my roof?
robber: i'm looking at your house.
dad: what? there's nothing to look at
robber: i can come in if i want *points at a window*
dad: yeah but don't do it *grabs cellphone*
robber: yeah i'm leaving *walks away*

i can't believe the man just left. let's hope he never comes back. i'm afraid.

in other news, if a man breaks into your house (in mexico) and you kill him because you were defending yourself YOU go to jail. can you believe that shit?

also, OTHER published my "little girl's joke." click and read. thanks.
also, i found cassettes of [ana c. circa 1989] (which means i was almost 4) singing in spanish. should i upload that to the interwebzzz?
also, here's more amazing vomit:
here's no. 52
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enjoy, etc.

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estoy que me lleva la chingada.
¡viva la revoluciĆ³n! FML


thomasplevy said...

youd probably go to jail if you killed someone trespassing in your house in america too

mad said...

look at how much nwv you have. good job ana c.

ryan manning said...

email that ass