new wave vomit (2&3)

number two is up
and so is number three
just because i can do whatever i want

thanks for submitting lovely people.

just in case you didn't notice, i changed the url and made it official. that means i spent about 11 dollars more on "newwavevomit.com." i love you. send me stuff. I NEED DRAWINGS. please send drawings or photos because if you don't i will use mine. so email me your awesomeness.
and tell your friends.


mad said...

can i simultaneously submit poems and drawings? this is awesome ana c.

ana c. said...

yes you can and thank you

Glen Binger said...

thank you for paying 11 dollars and making to "official." I like it. Go you!

Shannon Peil said...

11 bucks isn't too much to have a valid url and a place for people to vomit. More power to you.