adam coates can guest blog on my blog whenever he wants

i can clap my hands and laugh

i can taste the memory of your mouth

i forget lots of things when i drink too much

i feel sorry sometimes

outside my windows the bricks talk to each other

they mostly like to talk about being bricks

they are happy

happier than the windows

i am going to steal your coffee cup

swab your genetic info

and make music from it

technical difficulties

with sex

i drew a graph to explain happiness and attachment

but i am too ashamed to show anyone

so it just sits stuck to my wall

and the insects that visit my room ignore it

let’s live together in the lost spaces of the city

steal food from restaurants

and drink with the drunkies

shout at busy people

and tell them what they are missing


ryan manning said...

pussy sauce

justin said...

fucking adam coates

Crispin Best said...

really looking forward to when he comes over to my pad.
i've cleaned the sheets before and i will make sure i need to clean them after.