poems and "for every year"

new poems by:

chris moran

thad higa

(please read the bubonic plage fucked me)


rollerfink said...

oh i couldn't see how to do a comment over at for every year so i will say it here. your bubonic plague is marvelous.

Cami said...

Mm hm, nice plague.

~otto~ said...

bubonic plague is a monster in the sack.


nico castles said...

feel like i cant stop reading bubonic plague

feel like i want to print it and frame and hang it on one of my empty walls

feel sad that all of my walls are blank

feel like i should be using them to show ppl wut kind of person i am or something

feel like having blank walls is actually a pretty good description of myself or something

feel like it doesnt really matter

nobody ever comes to my apartment anyways